Nuriderma Purifying Cream

Active ingredients

  • Distillled water rosemary
  • Refined hazel hut oil
  • Zinc oxide 
  • Cucumber (hydroglycolic extract)
  • Burdock (hydroglycolic extract)
  • Tea tree (essential oil)
  • Butyl avocadate
  • Willow (hydroglycolic extract)
  • Talc 
  • Illite salicylic 
  • Acid alumina
  • Titanium dioxide


Best solution for acne and facial secretions
Adjuvant oily skin treatment cream.
Purifying and mattifying oily and impure skin.
It decrease black heads and sebum secretion.


Apply on face and neck 2 times or more a day
Apply on clean and dry skin and massage gently until absorbed completely.