About us


Dream life health care ab is a Swedish based company, founded in 2015. Today we develop and supply our global business partners with cosmetic products , OTC, nutritional health care products .

D ream life developed their Owen French cosmetic brands Toniderma and Nuriderma and aimed to distribute them many counties all over the world and our aim to manufacture many brands in the field of cosmetic skin and hair care and in the field of food supplements .

D ream life have very good experience in the field of food supplement manufacturing as D vitamin , omega 3 and calcium products ,iron ,zinc minerals and all type of daily supplements that our body usually need them and to promote well-being and quality of life.

D ream life offers a wide range of services We support with product design, formulation, manufacturing, packaging design and marketing material.and have big network of factories in France and Italy and Sweden for manufacturing of our products to us and to our clients.